May 2021 G&T


Given the 12th of May is International Nurses Day, I would like to start this month’s G&T with a quote from the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale on whose birthday this day is celebrated.

“Let us never consider ourselves finished nurses, we must be learning all our lives.”

This is a very apt quote that is being lived out by our very-own nursing managers. We take pride in being able to boast having a newly registered nurse as part of this team. We also look forward to being able to boast about having a clinical nurse practitioner on our nursing management team soon. If that was not enough to be proud of, both are cum laude students. With this inspired management team, we are continually striving to ensure we are offering our residents the best, and most modern, care that is available.

What are leaders without a team? Our team of nearly 100 nurses and cares are our A-team. Their dedication, working day and night (just like the original lady with the lamp), to treat all our residents, is truly a feat worth celebrating. Which is why we want to take the opportunity on this day to say, from the bottom of our hearts:thank you. You are truly the pillar on which our organisation stands. With such a great team, I can say with confidence, it is on this pillar which we will take Utilitas to new heights, building on the firm foundation laid down by those before you.

Happy International Nurses Day all our nurses!


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