Situated in the centre of Durbanville, this luxurious Home for the Aged is surrounded by a panoramic view of the Tygerberg Hills. Whilst within walking distance to all the local shops, it still has the atmosphere of a pastoral village.

De Rust Retirement Village accommodates 180 residents.

This Victorian house was restored with great care by Utilitas Retirement Centres and the first residents were welcomed in 1994. Formerly known as Luckhoff House, it dates from around 1890 and changed name two years later when the Dutch Reformed Church Minister, AD Luckhoff, established the currently known De Rust Retirement Village for senior citizens. Ever since 1662, this area was known as ‘Pampoenkraal but renamed to ‘Durbanville’ in 1886. Initially used as an outspan area for oxen, De Rust was built and used by farmers when coming to town for Holy Communion in the historical DRC and also as a holiday home to retired ministers and missionaries.

In 1925, after Minister Luckhoff left, part of the estate was sold and the Institute for Girls was built. Next door, on another part of the original estate, Aristea House was built. A hundred years later, Minister Luckhoff’s vision is still being fulfilled through services being held, the sick being looked after and offering a safe, friendly haven for those in their time of rest.

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