EUREKA’S HISTORY (previously Huis Andre van der Walt)

Mr Andre van der Walt, a businessman, sociologist, former politician, cultural and language expert, was also a dreamer and visionary. He visualized a scenario where people in early retirement could spend many happy hours amongst the splendour of green luscious gardens, drooping willows and impressive buildings nestled along the Elsieskraalriver in Durban Road, Bellville.

He got the ball rolling by writing to the Department of Community Development and several other related departments. Luckily this vision was met with understanding and enthusiasm and the dream became a reality. In 1987, ‘Finansies en Tegniek’ applauded this project by saying that there is now proof, with Huis Andre van der Walt as example, that the new direction for utility housing companies can be successful..

It is difficult to imagine that this neat tranquil surroundings replaced a once downridden, overcrowded and dangerous backstreet area of Bellville.

Although the picture when looking out a window, is one of a green tranquil peaceful rural area amongst hills, a river and luscious gardens, it is also conveniently and centrally located near all that one might need of a city life.

Eureka Retirement Village, previously Huis Andre van der Walt and Serena 1 Retirement Centre opened its doors in June 1987 whilst the minister of Local Government, Housing and Works, Mr Amie Venter,officially cut the ribbon on Wednesday, the 9th of September 1987. The instant phenomenal success story soon made it necessary to build another three story building with 12 more units. In 1989 Serena II opened her doors to more happy and content residents.

On 28 May 2020 the Directors of Utilitas Retirement Centres made the decision to change the name of Huis Andre van der Walt to Eureka Retirement Village.

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