March 2021 G&T


This month we “celebrate” the birthday of COVID-19 restrictions in South Africa. Who would have thought that a year later, masks and hand sanitizer would become part of our everyday? While the year that has followed has faced significant challenges and heartache as COVID-19 has made it’s presence felt across the globe there have also been some silver linings to this dark cloud that seems to have overshadowed everyone’s lives.

While lockdowns around the world have resulted in restrictions in movement and limited families abilities to spend time together, technology has enabled individuals to be socially connected even as they physically isolate. We at Eureka Retirement Village have also helped our residents connect with their families digitally through Whatsapp and other digital avenues and continue to support them in these endeavors. As many have survived wars and great uncertainty in the past, we are sure our residents will remain resilient in the face of this new challenge that requires that we work together.

The requirement of working together has also been highlighted in the last year. Our frontline workers have continued to ensure that our aged are provided with care and support allowing us to open, and more importantly, close our COVID-19 ward not once but twice. At the same time, our residents have continued to provide their support by limiting physical contact as we all work together to decrease our risks of contracting COVID-19.

In spite of the great uncertainty, our team at Utilitas have also been able to welcome new staff and promotions within our team. We are excited to see our team grow amidst the adversity. With new nursing managers at both de Rust and Eureka as well as new administrative staff joining our team and each bringing their own energy and excitement to their roles.

In these uncertain times, communication remains key and I endeavor to continue to keep my proverbial door open. Yours in hope.

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