February 2021 G&T


February is known as the month of love. The time for remembering love and for emphasizing the importance of it in our lives. Therefore, this month I would like to show some love to our residents that overcame Covid 19, but also honour those residents we lost due to this horrible pandemic.

Both, being in love and riding a roller coaster, will cause a person to experience different emotions, some sad and some joyful and just like a roller coaster has to remain on its tracks in order to function properly, Management had to have boundaries in order to let things run smoothly. Reflecting on the last few months, we all can admit that at some stage each one of us at some stage were riding the 2020 roller coaster ride.

Some situations occurred that now after some time have passed, we can look back on and have a chuckle about it. We had a resident who were on their proverbial deathbed. After careful planning and strict measures were put into place, we allowed one of the resident’s family member to come and say their final goodbyes, just for the resident to prove the saying a cat has nine lives apply, even if you are elderly. After visiting the resident for one final time, the family member went home to await the final call that the resident has passed on. When the call came it was from the Sister on duty saying the resident was sitting up and ordering everyone about again. We are happy to say that the resident is still with us today and still doing well. Covid 19 will not overcome our elderly residents.

Our first resident diagnosed with Covid 19, a 99-year-old recovered without mayor complications and has since turned 100, marking one of our eldest residents in our Villages. Another resident has only one lung at full capacity and overcame the virus. But just as we had mostly recoveries, we must not forget those residents who did not overcome the virus. Each one of those resident’s will always remain in our hearts and will be remembered as the brave elderly that fought a hard battle and lost.

On that note, as I close of this month’s newsletter, I would like to challenge every person reading this to show some love to their elders and let them know they matter!

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