December 2020 G&T


During this season of giving I would like to share about a precious gift I recently received, the first ever copy of our Newsletter, Eureka! This was given to me by a resident who was one of the first editors. After the recent and exciting name changes we have undertaken this is a most valued and appreciated gift.

As I was reading through this newsletter, I came upon a story, written by our very own first manager at Eureka Retirement Village, Ms Fölscher that I would like to share during this festive season.

Ever heard of a gift that changes a person’s life? Charlie, the cockatiel, was such a gift! One day a young man left Charlie at reception as a gift and from then on things were different. Charlie could whistle tunes and sound like a train. He sometimes allowed you to scratch his head and provided entertainment to all who passed. Charlie became synonymous with our reception and was soon considered by everyone as their own pet! As Charlie was visiting over a weekend, he slipped out of his cage and flew away. All of Charlies many fans set out to search for him and advertisements were put out in all the local publications. As the third day of his disappearance broke, the residents and staff were sad and deeply concerned that they may never see their beloved cockatiel again.

The mood quickly changed after a call from a family in Durbanville. The children were at the Durbanville Racetrack when they saw him sitting in a tree. Shortly thereafter he came down to sit on one of their heads. He let them to take him home and then we were informed of his location.

Charlie received a hero’s welcome when he took up his rightful place at reception again.

We have a great lesson to learn regarding Charlie’s vacation. Although Charlie went away, he was always loved by those who knew him. His place was empty on the front desk but not in the hearts of the residents. Charlie chose the right person to bring him back home. The festive season is upon us and some of us are going to visit our friends and families like Charlie. Rest assure, we are waiting for you to come back home safely after your vacation.

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