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Contrary to popular belief, Retirement Villages and Frail Cares are more than just some kind of middle ground between a B&B and a minimum-security prison. They can be sanctuaries for the kind of rowdy, rebellious, and bawdy behaviour you’d think people were designed to age out of. But it turns out that housing a bunch of elderly people together can be the perfect cocktail for some sporting moments.

Here is one quirky story that happened in our own Frail Care.

A few years back we had an incident where a resident’s family member enquired as to missing dentures of her mother. This was a recently replaced item, after the resident in our dementia unit threw her dentures out of the window. Now imagine our dismay finding out the newly replaced dentures, has now gone missing. After lodging an extensive search in the unit and looking through every nook and cranny, Management was left with hands in their hair. At the same time, we got another query from another family member that her dad’s dentures were to small!!! It seemed we had some teething problems on our hands.

By chance, a carer noticed two residents exchanging dentures during teatime. The puzzle pieces finally started to fit together! Our dear residents had decided to exchange dentures. After identifying all our residents with dentures and a round of fittings, all the residents had toothy smiles again.

One thing this has taught us working with the elderly, is that it is not just patience that we need, but also compassion.

Just a reminder that we welcome our residents’ family members to send us some funny, yet loving stories regarding their experiences with their loved ones. We promise to handle all stories with the utmost care to ensure the dignity of all parties, keeping all contributions anonymous. Stories can be sent to info@utilitas.co.za.

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