January 2022 G&T

January 2022

Sitting in my garden sipping my ice-filled wine, I am reflecting on 2021 and wondering what 2022 is going to bring. The last two years have been quite challenging on us all and taught us not to take anything or anyone for granted. Mistakes have been made, but we, as a society, have also learned from our mistakes. So, while I reflect on the mistakes we have made, I am hopeful that 2022 holds an end to the pandemic.

In Cape Town we enjoy January as it is our summertime period and the time of the year most people take a well-deserved break. Spending time with family and friends to refill our fuel (or love) tanks before heading into a new year.

One of the benefits of summertime is the positive effect it has on many people’s mental health as the sun gives us more Vitamin D, which is essential in raising our energy levels and simply just making us feel much happier than usual. Though summer is not just Vitamin D it is also getting out and seeing friends and family or simply enjoying nature all which help us appreciate what we still have. At Utilitas we try and make it as easy as possible to enjoy Summer. For those still looking for some ideas consider some of the following:

- Enjoy a walk in our beautiful gardens at De Rust and Serena, and should you feel like it, volunteer your green thumb.

- Join or start a book club and choose a nice setting outside to have your social gathering. Having a picnic at the same time can only add to the festivities.

- For the avid bird watchers, maybe organise a trip to a local park or nature reserve.

- Start a coffee club where you either switch between homes or different venues each month or week.

- Be a tourist in your own town.

- Go to an art gallery or museum.

These are only a few ideas. What great ideas do you have for outings this Summer? Please share your great ideas with our Social Workers so that all the residents can share in your creativity and benefit from getting out and about this summertime!

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