February 2022 G&T


February is the month of love and we at Utilitas have been inspired by a love story that enfolded at one of our own retirement villages during the Covid 19 pandemic. I have decided to dedicate this month’s G&T to this couple’s love story (with their permission of course). This real-life love story truly warms my heart as it shows that even in the most difficult times, the light of love can shine brightly. For those that have not heard, we were witness to the nuptials of Paul and Helen van Reenen in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Their time together began long before their time at Utilitas. They met each other in their early years. Both raised children and mourned the loss of children together. When their spouses passed-away they had already known each other for more than 60 years! They had been close throughout this time with Paul’s wife Monica even making Helen’s wedding dress in 1960.

After their spouses passed away, they both suffered from loneliness and depression and started reaching out to each other for company. The rest as you can say is history. After a while, they made the decision to make the big leap to put all their eggs in one basket and it was not as easy as it seems. Instead of having to ask for parents’ permission to get married they had to ask their kids!

After the initial shock, their children gave their blessing, and their family doubled overnight.

Listening to Helen and Paul speak about their love story nearly a year after their marriage it is a truly inspiring reminder that age really is just a number!

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