September 2020 G&T


Spring is such a wonderful time! Nature awakens, throws away its winter blanket and lets us know that it is time to start fresh once again. It feels like there’s so much hope all around us.How fitting that after months of the world being captured by this unseen virus, we are able to come out of our forced hibernation.

The last few months has been difficult for our residents and their family and we have shared the emotional pain and suffering with each one of them. To help share the joy of Spring we would like to share some drawings given to one of our residents by one of her grandchildren who identifies six types of “Oumas and Oupas”. I hope the love and humour in these images helps to warm your heart as it did mine.

Looking at the pictures, most of us working in this environment can truly identify with each one of these 6 “Oumas & Oupas”. This month we therefore wish to honour all our different types of “Oumas & Oupas” and share the wisdom of the young artist that “old people are just people with more knowledge” who we still value greatly. Thanks to the superhero artist for this apt reminder.

Just a reminder that we welcome our residents’ family members to send us some funny, yet loving stories regarding their experiences with their loved ones. We promise to handle all stories with the utmost care to ensure the dignity of all parties, keeping all contributions anonymous.

We also would like to thank all our residents, their family and friends for the continued support and cooperation during these trying times. We cannot fight this battle alone and appreciate everyone’s support and understanding.

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