Prices and Accommodation of Serena

Social Development Officer

Azille Visser 

Phone: 021 946 1685
Fax: 021 946 3730

Durban Road, Bellville 7530
P O Box 36, Bellville 7535

Types of Accommodation

53 luxury units (some have garages) – no meals – life right units

Prices are adjusted annually

Serena I:  40 apartments and prices

4x Studio’s – from R650,000
8x One bedroom – from R860,000
13x Two bedroom – from R970,000
11x Two bedroom (large) – from R1,125,000
4x Three bedroom – from R1,270,000
Garage – from R92,000

Serena II: 13 apartments and prices

3x One bedroom – from R860,000
8x Two bedroom (large) – from R970,000
2x Three bedroom – from R1,270,000
Garage – from R92,000


  • Serena 1 life right units are managed through elected Trustees and Serena 2 through a Management Committee.
  • Only life right options are available: Utilitas is responsible for the resale of the unit. The owner will be reimbursed with the original capital amount plus a 25% profit sharing. The life right agreement is in the resident’s name, even if a relative / other person pays the purchase price. Upon resale/death, the amount is paid into the resident’s bank account/estate.
  • At signing of the contract, a deposit of 10% of the purchase price is payable, and the full purchase price must be paid within 6 weeks, otherwise, the deposit will be forfeited.
  • A non-refundable entrance fee of R10,050 is payable with the first month’s levy account.
  • A levy is paid monthly and is calculated according to the size / square meter of the apartment, including municipal services. Property taxes and electricity are charged separately.

Included in levy:

  • 24-hour intercom service
  • 24-hour access control, with a security service after hours/weekends and public holidays
  • Limited on-site parking for guests
  • Preferential admission to the Health Care Unit situated in the main building at Eureka Retirement Village  


Buyers: Mandatory Membership to Senior Centre: R5 per person per month

Senior Centre Services includes:  

  • Catering facilities: Meals from Eureka Retirement Village’s main kitchen can be bought.  Guests welcome.  Tickets are bought at the kiosk and arranged with the kitchen. 
  • Laundry facilities at additional fee
  • Clinic service situated on the 2nd floor. (Nursing services on request at additional costs)
  • Foot Clinic
  • Kiosk
  • Cleaning service on request
  • Transport Service
  • Hair Salon

Recreational Activities that form part of the Senior Centre:

  • Wide range of sports and leisure activities
  • Opportunities to practice interest and hobbies
  • Sales and fundraising projects
  • Tours and excursions
  • Social groups and functions
  • Groups e.g. common needs / interests
  • Church Services
  • Integration with Voluntary Relief Service
  • Monthly newsletter


  • Application forms for persons 55 years and older are accepted
  • Residents are still allowed to work
  • Admission according to need / financial readiness
  • Applicants will be subjected to an interview with a Social Development Officer and subject to the findings of the officer, a decision will be taken as to whether or not the applicant qualifies for accommodation.