Prices and Accommodation of Eureka Retirement Village

Social Development Officer

Azille Visser 

Phone: 021 946 1685
Fax: 021 946 3730

Durban Road, Bellville 7530
P O Box 36, Bellville 7535

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14 Rooms to rent on the 2nd floor

3 Bachelor flats on the 2nd floor

133 Bachelor flats
52 One-bedroom flats


  • Applicant must be 60 years and older
  • Able to afford the monthly rental or have someone to stand surety on their behalf
  • Able to live independent with minimum care; and
  • Applicants will be subjected to an interview with a Social Development Officer and subject to the findings of the officer, a decision will be taken as to whether or not the applicant qualifies for accommodation.  

Open Day Viewings – Every 2nd Tuesday each month at 10:00am and 14:30pm.  Please book in advance for our open days at 021 946 1685.  

Information about accommodation and prices are adjusted annually.

Types of Accommodation

Non-refundable entrance fee of R7,390 per person payable on signing of the contract.
Smaller room from R3,707 (including vat) per month

Larger room from R4,668(including vat) per month

Currently included in the monthly rental:
Three meals (Breakfast, lunch and supper)
One cleaning service per week
Two-way intercom system (manned for 24 hours)

Residents are responsible for payment for the metered electricity supply to their unit as well as an availability fee of R30.00 per month. 

A non-returnable entrance fee of R10,050 per person is payable on signing the contract.

Bachelor apartment for one person. Rent from R6,865 (including vat) per month

One bedroom apartment for married couples/life partners: Rent from R12,350 (including vat) per month

One bedroom apartment for single person: Rent from R10,435 (including vat) per month

Currently included in the monthly rental:
The main meal (lunch)
One cleaning service per week
Two-way intercom system (manned for 24 hours)


Carport: Non-refundable Deposit R3,000 and
R90.00 per month
Open parking:  R90.00 per month


Membership R5-00 per month or R60-00 annually per person

Service of the Senior Centre:

  • Transport
  • Kiosk/Tea Room
  • Laundry
  • Clinic (services on request at extra cost)
  • Foot care clinic
  • Hairdresser
  • Voluntary Services (you can choose what you’d like to do)
  • Leasing and catering services
  • Cleaning services

Activities of the Senior Centre:

  • Wide variety of sports and recreation
  • Opportunities to pursue your interests and hobbies
  • Sales and fundraising projects
  • Tours and outings
  • Social functions/opportunities to socialize
  • Religious program
  • Groups according to needs/interests
  • You are kept informed by means of a monthly program and residents’ publication “Eureka”.


Maximum rental fee (per person per bed) from R16,045 (including vat) per month.  If a prospective resident qualifies for a state subsidy, the subsidy will be deducted from the rental fee.  Relatives are requested to pay the shortfall.

Non-returnable entrance fee of R11,640 per person (which includes a linen fee of R2,620) payable on signing of the contract.

Currently included in rental fee:

  • Three meals per day
  • Handling of laundry
  • Basic toilet ware, soap, toothpaste, and face cloth
  • Linen
  • Transport when available
  • 24-hour nursing service
  • Medication control
  • Religious program
  • Recreation and reality orientation program

Other useful information:

  • Furnished rooms: limited own furniture /belongings/TV with permission (no beds)
  • Clothing must be marked
  • Provide a marked laundry-bag.
  • Excluded from rent:

Purchase, maintenance and replacement of medical appliances (wheel chair, walking frame, small set, etc.)  

Use of medical supplies of Retirement Centre.  

Doctors and other Professional Services Consultations (speech, physiotherapy, etc.). 

Medication and sanitary wear.  


Available to all persons residing in this area.
Those wishing to claim from their medical aid must do so on his/her own account.
Residents according to facility:  from R325– R525 per day
Serena Residents:  R585 per day
Non-Resident: R1,245 per day