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Geriatrics and Tricks (G&T)

February 2022 G&T

  February is the month of love and we at Utilitas have been inspired by a love story that enfolded at one of our own retirement villages during the Covid

January 2022 G&T

  Sitting in my garden sipping my ice-filled wine, I am reflecting on 2021 and wondering what 2022 is going to bring. The last two years have been quite challenging

December 2021 G&T

  The last few weeks our company ran a Covid 19 writing competition where we challenged our residents to write the virus out of their system, some writing therapy if

November 2021 G&T

As some of you may know, November is Diabetes Awareness Month with the 14th of November as Diabetes Awareness Day. Be on the lookout for the blue circle (shown below),

October 2021 G&T

  The month of October has been declared Mental Health Awareness month with the objective of not only educating the public about mental health but also to reduce the stigma

September 2021 G&T

  As I sit in front of my warm fireplace typing this, I can’t help but reflect on how long and cold this winter has been. This is mimicked by

Augustus 2021 G&T

I am writing this in the aftermath of arguably the greatest unrest South Africa has faced in decades. In the midst of the third and most lethal wave of COVID-19

July 2021 G&T

July is dedicated to celebration and commemoration of freedom and independence. Globally we celebrate Canada Day, American Independence Day and Bastille Day. In South Africa, we also aptly celebrate our

June 2021 G&T

As the coldness of Winter starts to settle in, I pour myself a G&T and settle in front of the fireplace. I start to reflect on previous Winters and the

May 2021 G&T

Given the 12th of May is International Nurses Day, I would like to start this month’s G&T with a quote from the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale on whose

April 2021 G&T

As we have mentioned so many times the last few months, our company has undergone quite a few exciting changes. One of the most prominent changes we have undergone has

March 2021 G&T

This month we “celebrate” the birthday of COVID-19 restrictions in South Africa. Who would have thought that a year later, masks and hand sanitizer would become part of our everyday?

February 2021 G&T

February is known as the month of love. The time for remembering love and for emphasizing the importance of it in our lives. Therefore, this month I would like to

January 2021 G&T

As we come to the start of the year and we are all constantly bombarded by the question, what are your new year’s resolutions? For some the New Year is

December 2020 G&T

During this season of giving I would like to share about a precious gift I recently received, the first ever copy of our Newsletter, Eureka! This was given to me

November 2020 G&T

This month I want to focus on the word “Eureka” and its origin as our building proudly boasts its new name. Archimedes, historically ran naked through the streets of Syracuse

October 2020 G&T

Contrary to popular belief, Retirement Villages and Frail Cares are more than just some kind of middle ground between a B&B and a minimum-security prison. They can be sanctuaries for

September 2020 G&T

Spring is such a wonderful time! Nature awakens, throws away its winter blanket and lets us know that it is time to start fresh once again. It feels like there’s

August 2020 G&T

Welcome to our new monthly blog called Geriatrics and Tricks or G&T as we like to call it. With this monthly blog we aim to publish different stories from different people’s perspective, and we encourage our residents and their family to contribute if they feel they have a story to share.