Management Utilitas

Utilitas Bellville was registered as a company under Section 21 of the Companies Act of 1971. The Board of Directors is primarily responsible for determining the overall objectives and policies of the company plus the financial security.
The main aim/purpose of this company, is to provide and administer homes and care facilities for senior residents.
There are 6 directors on this board with the managing director not only reporting to the Board of Directors but also serving as the spokesman between the board and the administration.
Mr Andre v/d Walt was chairman of the board from 1983 to 2012.

Current directorate: 7 members

Dalena Fölscher (Managing Director)
Bruce Walsh
Johann Vos (Chairperson)
Johan van der Merwe
Carl Cronje
Yvonne Brink

Advisory Council
The advisory council consists of family members and community members.
They advise the board, support the managers, and pay attention to the needs and problems of the residents and family members by finding solutions in lieu of their representation on the advisory committee.
Advisory council members

Utilitas Managing Director
Utilitas Board of Directors Chairperson
Utilitas Financial Manager
Manager Huis Andre van der Walt
Nursing Manager Huis Andre van der Walt
Senior Social Worker Huis Andre van der Walt (Secretary)
One Resident - Serena I
Two Residents - Serena II
One Resident -  Huis Andre van der Walt
Manager De Rust
Nursing Manager De Rust
One Resident
Three Social Workers
One Volunteer Worker Huis Andre van der Walt